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Drop in Sessions

Why not come along to one of our Drop-In Sessions, these are held from 10:00am – 2:00pm most days, if you have booked or space is available just choose an activity, sit down relax and craft, it’s as simple as that.


You can choose any item and activity that you see displayed in the store, these can be from as little as £2.00, we do have a minimum purchase for each active artist of £2.00 which covers the Studio Time and the consumables the artist may use decorating their chosen product.


  • Paint your Own Pottery with Acrylic or ECO paint (Bake at Home) and take home after the session
  • Decorate your Own Pottery (Foam Clay), soft, malleable, clean and safe
  • Canvasses 8″, 12″,  A4, pre-stencilled ready to embellish with Buttons, gems, tiles, feathers etc: (call for Initials or Name)
  • Create-a-Bear 8″ or 16″, fill it with lovely stuffing, wish on a satin star, design and decorate it’s tee-shirt, fill in the Birth Certificate
  • Make Stretchy Slime, Fluffy Slime or Both, add Colour, add Scent and other add-in’s, take it home in it’s own box
  • There are many other items like wind chimes, sun catchers, boxes etc: to decorate in the session


You do not have to book but you might not get a seat at busy times, you can just take a chance, or it is easy to reserve yourself a place, you can just check the Calendar and Drop-In when there is a clear session, or you can book yourself into a Drop-In session below.


*** Please say how many Adults and Children you are booking for in the Notes section. ***