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Silver Paint your Own Party

Booking a Party

You can book a party for between 4 – 14 active participants, ideal children’s, adults or mixed activity.


Paint your Own Pottery Party

Pick one of our pieces of bisque pottery from our Silver Section to decorate, we use acrylic craft paints and finish them with a coat of acrylic varnish, so you get to take your masterpieces home the same day.

Our Bisque Pottery pieces vary in style, some illustrated styles may not be available on the day, the inclusive price covers the use of the Studio and the consumables like paint etc.


Studio Price is £44 and the first four Artists are Included in the Price, each additional Artist is charged at £11.00 with a maximum of 10 additional Artists.




Here are some of the items you might choose to paint, the items here will change and might not be available on the day, but you will have a choice from at least eight different items, silver Bisque Items are between 9cm – 12cm.