Face Covering Template

Face Covering Template

We have been looking for some no sew face coverings patterns, we did not find any that really suited what we wanted, we have come up with a face covering template design of our own. The template has sizes 14cm to 22cm wide, a filter pocket, and seams for a nose wire, these should suit […]

Using the Template

Layout Material

You will need to have printed or created the face covering template from our first post, a sharp pair of scissors, fabric pins, sellotape or other item to join two pieces of paper, optional a tape measure. To select which size you want to make just measure from the side of the face across the […]

Face Covering Part 1

Pull strips of tshirt to make string

If you do not have a cut out of material for the face covering please read the template posts and create a face covering material cut out. For this part you will need an old t-shirt, some hemming web, an iron set at the required temperature for the hemming web, an off cut of material […]

Face Covering Part 2

Front of Face Covering

This post is the continuation from Face Covering Part 1 please read the other posts if you have not already done so. Fold in both the wings lining the top and bottom, lightly press the the fold like in this picture. Next fold over and lightly press the top and bottom seams do not use […]